Cuvée Marie Rosé Wine - 2018

VAT included

Vintage :

90% Grenache and 10% Cinsault

Colour: Beautifully elegant, soft rose-petal colour.

Nose: Floral nose, amilic, raspberry, blueberry notes, evolving towards rose. In the mouth, the attack is fresh, rich, round.

Palate: A fleshy, persistent wine, with white peach and apricot aromas, great aromatic persistence and a typical Saint-Pierre finish.
Delightful at aperitif time, it is the ideal companion for your summer meals.

The grapes are picked by hand and in-vat macerated for 2 to 3 days. During pressing, only the juice from the first press is kept. Natural decantation of the juice lasts 24 hours. Once the clear juice has been drawn off, it will left to ferment in the cellar where the temperature is kept very low, to ensure that the work of the yeasts is as homogeneous and as regular as possible. The wine is quickly filtered and bottled, thus preserving intact all its freshness and flavour.

This fresh, tender wine owes its origins to the careful choice of terroir and the use of the latest vinification technologies