Cuvée Marie Rosé Wine - 2018

VAT included

Very representative of the typical products of Provence, the Rosé Marie AOC Côtes de Provence from the 2018 vintage remains a reference! A cuvée appreciated for its femininity, its very pale color and its floral and fragrant nose. This wine will be appreciated as an aperitif, and will be the ideal companion for your summer meals. 


The rosé wine of the Marie cuvée is a dry, very fresh wine, which owes its origins to the terroir with the typical Côtes de Provence characteristics.  



During pressing, only the juices from the first press are retained. Once the clear juice is withdrawn, it will ferment in the cellar where the temperature is kept very low, so that the yeast work is as homogeneous and regular as possible. The wine is quickly filtered and bottled. It will keep all its tenderness and freshness.


Grape varieties:

90% Grenache: Originally from Spain, Grenache is a grape variety that has found its mark in hot, dry and sunny climates to reach full maturity. He then produces high quality wines, rich in alcohol, full-bodied and sweet. It will bring aromas of strawberry, spices, coffee, blackberries and dried fig.

10% Cinsault: Originally from Provence, Cinsault is a black grape with large berries with white flesh, which likes sunny and dry climates as well as poor soils. It produces wines with low acidity, low alcohol content and low color, which favors blends for wines to drink quickly. It will bring touches of raspberry, almond and hazelnuts



Color: The cuvée Marie rosé is elegant, tender with a rose petal color.

Nose: This wine has a floral nose with amyl notes with hints of raspberry, blueberry, evolving towards rose.

Taste: The attack is fresh, full and round. Cuvée Marie is a bold, persistent wine with aromas of white peach and apricot, offering a very long aromatic persistence and a typical Château Saint-Pierre finish.


Food and wine pairing:

The rosé from the cuvée Marie will be appreciated as an aperitif, and will be the ideal companion for your summer meals.