Cuvée Baptiste Rosé Wine - 2018

VAT included

Vintage :

Syrah 60% - Grenache 40%

Colour: Beautiful rose petal colour, gleaming.

Nose: Very expressive nose with scents such as roses, exotic fruits , lychees and pineapples.

Palate: A strong, clear and fresh taste on the palate at first;very rich wine, delectable, with a persistent aftertaste,growing into citrus notes.

It will delight all the gastronomic meals;will pair well with Mediterranean dishes.

The grapes are hand-picked through manual harvesting. Upon their arrival at the cellar, the grapes are cooled down in order to keep all their aromatic potential. They are then quickly pressed into a pneumatic press working with low pressure to avoid a maximum of grinding and to minimise the appearance of bad flavours. The juice from it is then going through decanting for 24h, only the clear juice is sent to ferment in thermo regulated vats in which the vinification will be done at a low temperature. the obtaine wine is kept in vats until the coldness from winter will naturally stabilise it. It will then be bottled.

Delectable abd aromatic wine that will delight all your meals.